Friday, March 14, 2008

Finally - A Pregnancy and Parenting Site for Expectant Fathers, New Dads and Single Parents

A new generation of dads wants to learn how to raise their babies, and they're using Web 2.0 to do it. These "Alterna-dads"- guys who still have messy hair and sport concert tees- want to get involved in the baby-raising game. These men are surpassing all previous cohorts of fathers and are actively seeking out pregnancy and parenting resources that can help them become the ultimate player in fatherhood. They're posting on YouTube, reading blogs, and scouring MySpace for tips on their 40-week long pregnancy journey.

For a generation of men that is equally sensitive and Internet addicted, it makes sense that Web 2.0 would replace Dr. Spock for pregnancy and parenting advice. The new tech boom coincides with a legion of soon-to-be father getting more involved in raising their babies. The reality is that it's now a world in which men talk about "their" pregnancy and consider themselves as active participants in the pregnancy process.

It is precisely this shift in fatherhood reality that inspired Nada Arnot to create in 2005.

"My husband wanted to do research when I was pregnant, but didn't find much that spoke to the GQ generation of men who were going to be dads," Nada Arnot says.

A recent re-design of has drawn tons of attention from "Alterna-dads" and "Alterna-moms," for that matter. has been expanded to also speak to the men who are now new fathers. Both expectant fathers and new dads can find a wealth of printable guy-friendly checklists, view YouTube videos and read a blog that is written by an LA-based father. Tech-savvy dads can also keep track of health issues, fashion trends, celebrity baby news and US government recalls by subscribing to an RSS Feed.

"Our dads still love the traditional articles we have for new and expectant fathers," Arnot notes, "but they are also gear-heads and are looking for additional online tools to learn about their impending fatherhood. offers them everything that they want and need to be active in pregnancy and parenthood."

About is a pregnancy and parenting site for the modern expectant fathers, hip new dads and sexy single parents. Launched in October 2005 by the Urban Lion Corporation, the recently released build of the site features a blog, RSS feeds on important baby news, YouTube clips, articles for expectant dads and a "toolbox" for new fathers with helpful tips and information.

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