Saturday, July 09, 2005

Circumcision: Making the Cut

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The subject of circumcision often takes unsuspecting parents by surprise. Chances are, you haven't given much thought to what to do "down there" when the time comes. After all, it has been a few years since you were (or were not) circumcised.

To begin, you should know that circumcision is a controversial topic. This article will fill you in on some of the things you should consider about making the cut. If you are having a boy, or want to prepare for that eventuality, you should address the issue before junior is born. More often than not, men want their sons to be like them.
So, if you're cut, you might decide to have junior cut (and vice versa). You'll also probably want to make sure that you explain to him why his is kept intact or why his is cut before he sees other boys' penises. Fortunately, you'll have a couple years before you have to engage in this awkward conversation with your son.... CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE FUNKYSTORK.COM TO CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE.

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