Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sexy Dads

Expectant dad Matthew McConaughey thinks becoming a father will make him even sexier to women.Matthew McConaughey thinks becoming a father will make him sexier.The 'Fool's Gold' actor - who is expecting his first child with his Brazilian model girlfriend Camila Alves - says once women see him with his baby he will regain the World's Sexiest Man title, which he was awarded by People magazine in 2005.He said: "I was voted World's Sexiest Man in 2005 and I fancy that could happen again. Now that I'm about to become a father, my sexy rating is set to go through the roof."Matthew, 38, has previously admitted he can't wait to meet his new arrival and begin his baby duties, including changing diapers.He said: "Parenthood isn't an exact science, but I've got the instincts for it. I'm looking forward to the big baby adventure. Hopefully I'll make a good daddy. My child is going to have culture and travel, that's one of the great benefits of my business."